Committees & Officers

2010 - Officers
Pearl Schaar, President
David Pelletier, Vice President
Laura Byers, Treasurer
Carol Curtis, Secretary

2010 - Committees

Business District – Kristine Kaufman, Pat Richardson, Terri Bomgardner, Co-chairs
Organizes activities that involve the downtown business community in civic projects, such as the annual Clean Sweep clean up of Stanwood, “Holiday Lights of Stanwood,” promoting business socials and “Shop Stanwood Night,” which is extended hours for businesses to stay open for holiday shopping.

Finance and Fundraising – Renae Kettler, Chair
Supports and organizes various projects by seeking funding through grants and various donors. The Harvest Jubilee 2010, September 25th Design Stanwood will be running the beer booth to raise funding and awareness of our inception of a new "SLOW FOODS" chapter in Stanwood, Washington.

Landscape and Beautification – Gretchen Leaf, Chair
Organizes events to beautify Stanwood’s garden beds and makes other landscape improvements, recognizes those in the business community who have put forth extra effort to make their stores attractive.

Membership – Maureen Hitz, Chair
Promotes individual and business membership in Design Stanwood.

Parks – Bob Hitz, Chair
Identifies where new and improved pathways / trails and parks should be located, then works with the City to approve, fund and implement plans.

Transportation – Sue Hunter, Chair
Promotes improved transportation and highways, such as the train coming to Stanwood in 2009, improvements to Highway 532 and the Mark Clark bridge.

Public Relations and Promotion – Carol Curtis, Michael Schopf, Co-chairs
Facilitates communication on behalf of Design Stanwood, prepares documents and assists board members with promoting projects.

Marketing & Promotions – Barry Flener, Chair
Develops marketing and promotional campaigns to cost effectively saturate the market with our message and goals.

Web Site – Michael Schopf, Chair
Display a web site and Facebook presence that will integrate marketing efforts and inform the community of our activities and events, enticing the community to join our team.

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